A world beyond a world…

It thunders. She opened her eyes to see something dripping from the roof; a roof close enough to touch her face while she lay there. It was not roomy. It was dark and it kept dripping… Soil, mixed with water… mushy, muddy drips came down from small slits in the roof. It is thundering again. She lay there scared, her heart pumping or numb? She couldn’t understand… She couldn’t feel it. But then she felt herself floating. “Is it me?” she asked herself. “No it’s not me!” And then she sensed it. She sensed a presence… a known presence… a presence not felt for a while now. But now she could feel it, here in this dark place. “What is this place? Why am I here?”. It thunders again. “I know who it is. I know where I am.” She finally can see it. She sees him lie there. He is still. He is cold. She won’t wake him up. She knows he won’t wake up… She knows he won’t open his eyes… She knows he is gone… He is gone far. He is still. He is lying here in this cold place, in this lifeless place… Six feet down. She opens her eyes again, it’s lightening and thundering. The first rains of the year at 3 in the morning. A numb, cold and scared self lies there. Still and scared. Feeling the pain. How she wished she could get out of it. How she wished she could stop remembering it. “I so want him to be back. I so want him back…” a tear drop ran down on her pillow. It is lightening and thundering. The sounds are loud and scary. She needs strength. She needs that strength… That lost strength… That strength that’s gone forever…

It thunders.


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